Thursday, August 9, 2012

Golly Gee Photography

I have to admit. I did not come up with this wonderful photography name all by myself.

I knew I wanted a good, solid name for my photography stuff. But finding one proved to be quite the stressful task. I had always had just used my name for anything I did... but now that I was making it into a professional business, I really wanted something that would capture me and would also stand out. Because, I mean, there's gotta be like 50 million other Chelsea's in the world. And about half of those "doing photography."

I needed a name that wasn't already taken.. and everything I thought of was.

So I recruited my sisters.

We spent so much time throwing names back and forth and then checking them on google and go daddy to see if they were taken. And we came up with some pretty good ones too! (wish I still had the list of them...) And they all were. Each and everyone of them. And mind you, we all stressed over this for about a week.

And then, one night as I was talking to my boyfriend, Justin (start learning his name now.. hahaha) about how much I was really stressing out over it and that I couldn't go any further until I had a really good name.

And what does he do?

The first thing out of his mouth.

               "How about Golly Gee Photography?"

I wanted to punch him. How come I didn't think of that?! It was so perfect! 

                 But then I got sad. "It's probably taken."

But I checked anyway and no way! It wasn't taken! And so the next day I bought the domain and started a facebook page for it.


(good enough for now I guess... unless anyone's got a suggestion??)

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