Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Love Story

I met Justin Zerwekh in high school through a friend of mine that he was dating. I had the hugest crush on him, but never would I admit that to my friend, let alone anyone else. (Actually, that's not true. I found a journal when I was cleaning out all the stuff from my mom's  and in it I wrote about this really bad day that I had, and how Justin rode his skateboard all the way to my house from the school just to make sure that I made it home and that I was okay. I wrote about how nice it was for him to do that and that even though he was a big dork, he was really sweet, one the most honest people I knew, good looking, a hopeless romantic (ridiculously so) and how I wished to have a guy like him. Little did I know.... Justin actually hasn't heard that story yet... Hahaha.)

Anyways, he had a crush on me too. Apparently everyone knew that (except us). Even my friend. She told me that I wasn't allowed to hang out with him because I "was the type of girl he would date." Little did she know...) Just to clarify, we never hung out alone. Just in really big groups of like twenty people or so.

So anyway anyways, my friend and I stopped being friends and Justin and I never kept in touch. He was a junior my freshman year, so didn't even see him around campus. I heard through the grapevine that they had broken up, but our lives were so different at the time... 

And then that girl I was friends with asked to be my friend on facebook like three years ago and I was like suuuuure. I browsed through her facebook and saw that Justin had one, so of course I asked to be his friend. And he of course accepted.

Shortly after my contacts in my phone got deleted and I had no one's numbers. Because let's be real. Who remembers anyone's numbers anymore? That's what our phones are for. And to be honest, Justin STILL doesn't even know my number. (That became a problem once, but that's a story for another time.) So now it's programmed in his phone and he carries a paper in his wallet with my number on it (rolls eyes).

So the only way to get the numbers back was to send out a message on facebook (you all know how that works). Well, I sent it only to my actual friends, not all the acquaintances. It was a group message that was something like Hey everyone, my contacts got deleted. Send me a text with your number or message me back here with it. Simple right? 

Shortly after I sent out that message, I got a text, Hey it's Justin, here's my number.

I'm just gonna go back in time a few days. When Justin and I became friends on facebook, I told me sister and she said, "Wouldn't it be funny if you guys started dating?" Little did she know... And then I called my friend Vanessa so we could do what people call "Facebook stalk," I call it browsing through pictures. Whatever. Flashback to a couple days before that I had just got done telling Vanessa that I wasn't happy with who I was and that I needed to work on me. No boys. Just me. For a little while. Little did the both of us know...

Flash forward to the text from Justin. Whaaaaaaaaaat?! He texted me! I was totally fishing for his number and it worked! We went on a date a couple days later. And have been together ever since.

When we went out on our first date (which was actually like four dates in one, but that's a story for later) he gave me this look. His eyes were so sweet and sincere and said I have so much love to give, even with his tough exterior and I  just knew there was something special about him. 

And I was right. So I married him. 

He still gives me that look, but now his eyes say how much he loves me. 


I sure do love a good love story, but ours is my favorite.

What's your love story?! I promise to do my best to be unbiased.

Got to go! The husband is calling me for dinner! That's right ladies, he makes dinner too!

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  1. I love it! Isn't yours supposed to be your favorite? ;-) It's so funny to think back in time and go "wow, I had no idea back then..."
    You asked about our love stories so I'm going to write it but I warn you I'm not good at brevity...

    The summer I turned 17, right before senior year, I went up to Boy Scout Camp for the first time and met Jason. He was 7 years older than me and dating my boss so he was super off-limits and I thought nothing of it, but even then I thought he was really wonderful with all the kids and super funny. I came home with a boyfriend (but it wasn't him)!
    2 summers later: I had my original boss' old job, Jason was my new boss, they were no longer dating & she wasn't at camp, and I was trying to figure out how to split up with said boyfriend. Jason and I became really close friends over the summer, and about halfway through I made plans to meet my boyfriend in person and break it off and I was telling Jason all about how bad I felt but how it really wasn't working and wasn't right for me, and he confessed then and there that he had a crush on me (in the absolute most nervous way possible!) The day I ended my relationship I went out to see The Dark Knight with a group of camp friends and Jason took my hand. We started dating soon after camp (the whole he was my boss thing meant we had to wait for it to be official). Now, after we both finished college, I spent a few months across the country, he had 4 major hospitalizations including open heart surgery, and all the normal stuff with dating for over 5 years, we're married! I NEVER would have believed you if you had told me that at 17.

    Yikes, sorry for the novel! Believe it or not I cut all sorts of things out - did you have that problem while writing your post?