Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Note To My Husband

Dear Husband,
I have never been so in love with you than I am right now. Really though. You're sitting across from me playing your guitar and though you're not really paying any attention to me, there's just this overwhelming feeling of love in our home. Maybe you disagree, you're so focused on playing the right chords on your guitar... I don't know. (So justin told me that he thinks that this made him sound like a jerk, I don't think so... He was playing guitar and I was blogging, both sitting right next to each other doing our own thing. It's nice that we can do that. That we can do our own things while still enjoying each other's company. I'll tell you what made him sound like a jerk though... When he told me my humming is as bad as my whistling! Ughh.)
So this last week has been pretty terrible. I was the sickest that I've been in a long time. Not only did I feel and sound like death, but I looked like it too. And even though you were going to bed every night with death, you still managed to look at me with so much love in your eyes. Maybe that was all an act to try to make me feel better, but I really don't think so. Thank you for loving me, and I'm sorry for being completely useless and grumpy.
And though I coughed all night, every night this week and you didn't get to sleep well, you didn't complain. Thank you. And even though you probably needed the sleep more than me, thank you for sleeping on the couch with me where I could prop myself up and not cough so much. And thank you for knowing that I wouldn't sleep on the couch by myself. I don't like the idea of sleeping in separate rooms, even though it's just because I'm sick.
And thank you for making me go to the doctors. I would have bronchitis by now had you not made me. 
I am married to YOU, for the rest of my life. And I can't wait to see all the things the rest of our life together entails! I'm so lucky to be your wife.
You are the sun to my day and the moon to my night.
I sure do love us. I've seriously found the one whom my soul loves.

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