Sunday, July 6, 2014

25 Before 25 (update)

I'm completely terrible at blogging. Let's just start by saying that. Let's also say that I'm terrible at keeping up with hobbies, hence the hobby hopping part of my blog name. It's really hard! Photography, blogging, sewing, crafting, embroidering...netflixing... (I don't think that I can say that last one is an actual hobby, but it's definitely a de-stresser and I'm thankful for Netflix.)
 Anyways, so its hard. I just want to do all this stuff all the time! And I probably could if I was better at prioritizing. I feel like there's just not enough hours in the day, but that's not even true. There's plenty of hours in the day. And if I actually woke up on time, I'd have another hour to add to my day. But truth be told, I've become kinda lazy (I can feeeeel Justin giving me a look right now lol).
I love my job, just not working. Does that make sense? I would love to go back to working less hours. But it's summer, and my hours are less, so there's again, no excuse. So I'm just gonna stop. I keep digging myself a hole.
ANYWAYS. 25 Before 25.
-I made a quilt. A long time ago. 
And though I haven't posted anything about it really, I'm still counting it. 
Because I made it. 
And it took me forever. 
And grandma loved it because it had Elvis all over it.
And now everyone wants me to make them a quilt!
-We also ate the top of our wedding cake. A few days after our anniversary because we kept forgetting about it. It wasn't that bad actually. Would have been A LOT better, had we put it in a freezer container and not just the box. But that's whatever now. Can check that off the list!
-As far as everything else, I've failed miserably. But hey! I've still got time! Hahha.
  My new goal is to learn how to prioritize. So far, I'm doing pretty good. We just moved to a new apartment, which has made it easier because everything has a place and everything still looks nice and pretty and its our first place together (the other place was really his, he had that apartment before we got together, and this place is ours) and we both are putting much more time and effort into it.
I've also added somethings to better help with my prioritizing, like a small binder that I made into a planner that also holds my to do lists, the things I want to craft, bible study and verses and a spot for blog ideas and the such. Its actually really awesome. Each page I designed specifically for me to cater to my needs. And I love it. It's super cute. And you're probably jealous.

(Don't mind the glare on the pictures though please.) So far, its working great. 
The idea came from an app (Penultimate for Ipad) that I was using. I like the physical act of writing and this app you can do that. And it has templates for to do lists and planners and the such and I loved that I could just carry around my Ipad like I always do and everything I need in it and that I could check it on my phone as well. The problem was that the stylus for the Ipad sucks. It made my writing look really sloppy and for those of you that know me, that is something that my writing is not. (thanks mom for being OCD about my writing and making me write and write and write. *note: that was sarcastic, but also very not. I love my writing.) I tried a smaller stylus that a friend let me borrow (which reminds that I need to give it back to her), but it just didn't work that great. The only other option was for me to buy the super special stylus that the app promoted, but it was SEVENTY-FIVE bucks. I'm sure its really awesome and works really well, but I just didn't want to fork over that kinda money! So I made my own planner. The only bummer is that it's kinda bulky. But only a little.
I guess its time to call it. End rant.

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  1. U r so cute! We r so similar girl I have so many things going on and want to do this and this and this. With baby though I can't really do much so I've slowed down. I love the binder!