Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In Six Months (Unedited)

So I'm tired as hell, and for as much as I should be doing other things (like dishes, laundry, cleaning in general, napping [because I'm falling asleep as I type], painting my nails...), all I want to do is write.

I read a lot of other blogs and right now the most common of posts seems to be about unedited writing. It just means that you write your unedited thoughts down, no cut & paste. Backspaces are allowed only for typing errors.

I really want to try this (which is actually what I'm doing right now), but it's extremely hard! You're supposed to write down what you're thinking, every little thought and what it leads to (at least that's what I gather from it). The hard part is this: 1) My thoughts are all over the place, thinking a million things at once. I'm thinking about writing this and then also that and that and oh yeah this other thing. It's terrible! I can't possibly type that fast! 2) I want to write about my observations for the day as it recaps in my head now that I'm home. No big deal, right? Wrong. I'm pretty sure that people don't want me writing about them (good or bad) and the things I've observed about them. I'd give some examples here but I think that's a privacy breach. Okay, so there were supposed to be more numbered points, but I don't even remember because I'm trying to stay on topic. Oh, that's number three. I'm trying to stay on topic. I always stray too far away from the topic or whole point of something and it drives me nuts! I end up going on a side tangent and seem to know no other words other than "anyways", "oh" and "and" to bring it back on point. Which brings me to the the fact that there is such a word for those type of words but it's slipped my head completely.
Anyways (ya see that? Tried to make use a new word to transition back to point, but I couldn't do it. Honors English, what a waste. Blehh)
Anywaaaaaaaaaays, (anyways doesn't really work here because now I'm onto a different topic, but whatevs, my blog, I do what I want) the church asked us today (via text that was actually via twitter & Facebook and sent to us as a text), "where do you see yourself spiritually in six months?" What?! How do you answer that? Well, I'd like to be finished with the New Testament and into the Old Testament by then, reading everyday and studying the word, but I don't think that that's quite the right answer... Though I can certainly tell you where I'd like to be in six months just in general or all the things that I need (want) to be done in the next six months or the things that I have planned.

Out of debt, car painted (rechromed, new tires, new weatherstripping), Justin to get a motorcycle (that's actually not true. I don't necessarily want him to get one... They freak me out! Not they [the motorcycles] personally, but everyone else who is not riding a motorcycle. I have complete confidence on my husband's riding capabilities, but not those of which are driving cars. But it's like his last hoo-ra before settling down? I think he just means kids [which is another topic]), Tina and Robert's wedding (see also: bridal shower and bachelorette party... To which all things I am the matron [because I'm married] of honor), invest in some Ford stock and be saving for a home. All in six months time. Which doesn't even touch upon stuff like getting closer to my husband and building a relationship together with God. And now I absolutely have to build that relationship with Jus because I got his name tattooed on my arm! Which according to a friend of mine, dooms the relationship... But I'm building that relationship with God and Justin. God isn't going to let it fail.

So where do I see myself spiritually in six months? To answer this question I think I'm going to answer the question of how are you going to build your relationship with God? To which I will reply, finishing the New Testament, getting into the Old Testament, studying His word, getting more involved in ministry and listening to Him. I think that's a good place to start...

Well, I think it's time for a nap now (at 750pm) and I failed miserably at the unedited part.

Oh well, maybe another time!



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  1. I love that I basically read this as if you were talking to me. haha