Friday, October 3, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Thursdays seem to be sneaking up on me. I'm not actually sure where my weeks have been going. Time seems to be flying passed and I don't think that's a good thing. That means I'm not making the most of my days and not being grateful enough during the week. I've also found myself over romanticising things and places. Like these things and places will make me more grateful or slow my life down or be a better place for our nonexistent children to grow up and go to school or make my relationship with God a lot stronger. 

We've been talking about that in church, "my life would be better if..." Well, my life would be better if I lived in the kingdom of God now. That's the only "if" that can be applied. Because it is now.

Today has been kind of tough. Just a little. Due to certain situations at work,  I'm constantly under a microscope and  it's really exhausting. Just a lot of extra pressure that shouldn't be there and it's stressful. Then I find out that I've been working the wrong schedule. Not my fault, but still sucks. It's just one thing after another.

So after coming back from lunch to my student having a hard time and him telling me that he can't make good choices without me to finding out that I've been working the wrong schedule, mentally exhausted. 

And theeeeeeen Justin sends me this picture: 

So yeah, that hit me hard. Unbeknownst to Justin or that guy driving that truck, I really needed to see that. Also, Justin sent that earlier this morning and I didn't get a chance to read it until after all that. 

I hadn't even prayed

Well, I most certainly did afterwards.

I am so thankful that that guy put that on his truck and spreads the good news of the Lord to wherever he drives to. 

And that today, my husband happened to drive by him and take a picture and then send it to me. That guy is reaching so many more people than he can ever imagine.

Some other things I'm thankful for:

Cool morning air, especially when sleeping in the car before second service and while Justin plays first.

Gods beautiful earth, and watching the clouds go by, and thinking about how God made it and it was good.

A Saturday of reconnecting and silliness. My favorite times with Justin are when we're just hanging out and being silly.

Getting my tattoos finally finished! And the friends who hang out with me while Justin finished the inside of my elbow. Ouch!

Media fast, cuz who really needs Instagram?

When my student gets asked, "what'd you do over the weekend?" And he responds with "I went to a dance party.... It's a real thing, I went." Hilarious!

Or last week, he doesn't even say good morning to me, but rather asks me, "So coffee is just for adults right? Just water and juice for kids... No beer for kids right? Only adults. Just water and juice for kids." Hahahaha what the heck?!

Planting seeds and literally watching the grass grow, or watermelon or kale or tomatoes or pepper plants. I see the Lord so much in that. All we did was plant the seeds and water them and God does all the rest. He provides the sun and the cool evenings and everything that's required inside that little seed to make it sprout and is it silly that I think that's just absolutely beautiful? That looking outside at the grass that's growing outside and I get teary eyed thinking about how amazing our Lord is? Farming (of the urban sort in our case) can be an act of worship and is for me. 

Man, our Lord is so good.

What are you thankful for??

Love Chels

(Update: I definitely wrote this post Thursday, but for some reason I forget to publish until today [Friday]. Fail hahaha)

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