Friday, September 26, 2014

Thankful Thursday (On Friday)

Totally missed the boat on Thankful Thursday! My #angermanagement post was supposed to be the Thankful Thursday post, but just totally took a different direction hahha.

I am thankful for a lot this last week. Mostly for conviction, God really opening my eyes to the truth of the matter and helping me to adjust my attitude.

I'm thankful for Justin, who knew I was having some tough times and stressed me listening to the podcast. Not that the podcast was necessarily the answer to all, but that my husband saw the turmoil I was putting myself through and used the podcast to tell me to knock it off hahha.

I am thankful that there are parents that read and study their bibles with their children. How encouraging! 

Thankful for those students that we have that aren't good readers or don't like to read, but they'll read and can understand the words of the bible. That God says (in a student's words), I'm going to help you focus and understand. But not even just that, but when they don't understand, they ask.

For the coworkers that have become friends.

For friends that are encouraging and uplifting in the Lord.

For my student who today brought me strawberry wafers (even though they were completely crushed). He's quite the little turkey, but is also incredibly sweet.

I am thankful for the time that I got to spend relaxing and going out to dinner with Justin. We haven't done that in awhile and it was really nice getting to just sit down with him and reconnect.

And I'm thankful for our small group. I love those guys and the time we all get to spend together studying and talking about God's word. I'm especially thankful for the honesty and trust they we all share. 

It's amazing how a changed attitude can make a sucky week into a truly blessed one.

Happy Friday all!

Oh! This weekend Justin and I are taking a 48 hour media break and a Sabbath. Just spending some time reconnecting with other and with God. You guys should try it too!

Love, Chels

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