Friday, December 6, 2013

The Little Things!

Happy Friday everyone! Friday, Friday, Fridaaaaaay! That was embarrassing. Please ignore that.

The Little Things That Matter. See also, the things that I'm thankful for. So  let's get on with it!!!

-When you're so used to wearing fake eyelashes that you go to bed or get in the shower with them on. That doesn't really matter, nor am I thankful for it. Actually, kind of makes me mad. I either lose them or ruin them that way. Just thought I'd share.

-A husband who is willing to sleep on the couch with me while I'm sick.

-Pictures of really cute babies and puppies sleeping together. Thank you Heather for showing me this yesterday! Puts a smile on my face for sure!

-When your cat climbs your fake tree and you tell her no and she stops and then does it again and then you tell her no and then she stops and then she does it one more time and then you lock her in the bedroom for "time out" and tell her "that's not okay"  and when you let her out, she doesn't climb the tree again. Awesome.

-Ebay. Nuff said.

-Deodorant. Thankfully I have some in my purse because I forgot to put it on this morning before I left.

-Leftovers. Especially at lunch time.

-A clean bookcase. Well, yes, clean. Still busy... well, I'll just leave it at that.

-Cute socks from target. 

-Wednesdays with Kate. I'm actually really thankful for this. We don't even really do anything. Just hang out. And it's nice. And at some point I tell her she's a strange kid and then she tells me that she gets it from me. And it's fun. And sometimes I buy her ice cream or starbucks. And its our time. For just us. I wish I could do this with my other sisters. But I guess that's what we have Sister Appreciation Day for.

-Waiting until after Justin's birthday (December 2nd) to decorate for Christmas because for some reason it bothers him if we do it before. Maybe he just doesn't liking sharing his birthday. Probably so. Even though that's super silly. But I suppose I understand.

-When this one time I practiced doing a stupid trick with Justin's zippo so much that I got a blister on my finger.

-When this one time I sharpened so many pencils with a little dinky sharpener that I also got a blister on my finger. Totally two different times. Both of them sucked.

-My mom gave me a box of ornaments from when I was a kid. Well, let's just say there was a least two from every year from my birth to when I was about 11. That's a lot of ornaments! What the heck am I supposed to do with them?!

This list isn't really "the little things that matter" its more of a bunch of "mini rants that don't quite make a blog post." Maybe I'll change it.

-Being sick has caused my voice to be waaaay out of tune. Not that I was at all a great singer before... but it sucks. And it's embarrassing.

-This awesome cold weather. Even though I haven't been dressing as warm as I should be.

-A home. With my husband. And our two little cats.

What's on your list for the week?!

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