Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blog Names,Tattoos and Sick Husbands

Okay guys! Here it is! The new tattoo! I love love looooove it. My husband did such an awesome job! Sew perfect! Hahaha. Get it??

Anywaaaaays, after much deliberation between some friends and myself, I finally settled on a blog name! Hobby Hopping Housewife! So cute! I also want to thank Megan, she references hobby hopping in her wonderful blog. Thanks Megan!

So at the current moment, my husband is "deathly" sick. Poor guy, I feel for him. Being sick is terrible! And he's so awesome because he is still going to work in the morning. What a trooper! But what makes it funny is that he says, "I'm so sick I'm going to diiiiiiie. Make me feel better! Don't you want me to live?!" What's with men and being overdramatic when they're sick? I'm never that way! I'm pretty much just mopey and ya know, sick. Somehow he's super sick and still finds time to not just be overdramatic, but also funny. What a jerk though, he'll be better in a couple days, whereas me, it would last at least a week!

Any other women out there notice the same things of their husbands? Any funny stories you'd like to share??

I just roll my eyes every time. Hahha.

Take care!

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  1. I love it! We'll hobby hop together!

    I think it's hilarious your husband gets so dramatic when he's sick! My fiance is the complete opposite - such a stoic. On our 6 month dating anniversary, he started to show signs that he wasn't feeling well (later we found out it was a staph infection that had made it to his heart/lungs/through his bloodstream) and I cancelled our plans to let him rest. He didn't even start complaining until a couple days later, and then it was just "I think we might want to check this out"! In that and the 3 other hospitalizations since, I've only heard him complain about wanting to go back to work. I don't know how he does it - I'm such a baby about not feeling well lol

    1. That's insane! What a champ! To be fair, my husband doesn't get sick that often and when he does, it's really bad, so I can't really blame him for feeling like he's gonna die. And for as much as I feel bad that he is sick, its just stinkin' hilarious!