Friday, August 30, 2013

The Little Things

Happy Friday everyone! And what a day it is! Well, despite the heat here in Orange County...

The Little Things is going to be a weekly feature here at Hobby Hopping Housewife! 

It all started back when I was in high school (some odd amount of years ago) when I was trying to find out what made me happy. I bought a little red moleskin notebook and every time I something made me happy, I wrote it down. Sounds kind of silly, but any time I was feeling down,  just opened the notebook and tried to think of something else to jot down. It turned out to be awesome! Especially when I was in those kind of funks where I couldn't think of anything to make me feel better. I'd just browse on through it, and it'd cheer me up!

What seems like forever ago, I wanted to make it into a book, that was my goal. But who wants to buy a book about things that make someone else happy?? Shortly after telling this to my then boyfriend (now husband), my notebook went missing! But then, not long after I thought it to be missing, it appeared where I thought I had left it. I didn't think much of it other than that I thought I was going crazy!

Then, to my surprise, Jus comes home and says, "I've got something for you." Whaaaaaat (the computer wanted to correct this as whaleboat. whattheheck.)? He had taken my notebook and made it into a little hardcover book for me! With pictures and everything! 

He's always been the sweetest. 

Needless to say, ever since he made that book for me, I didn't write in my journal again. Not intentionally, just didn't happen. So I came across it the other day and got to thinking, I should really get back into doing that.

So here we are. Friday. And I'm going to get that list going again! I love lists, so this will be a lot of fun for me! I'll post a couple pictures next week of my notebook and the book Jus made for me.

Got distracted for a sec (not that you'd know that...). I got caught up looking at my notebook and just started grinning away! A lot of those things, are still important and still make me smile.

Soooooo without further adieu, The Little Things list!

-Collecting old cameras
-Carmex (I can't go anywhere without it!)
- Saturday morning breakfast with my husband
-Not knowing what time it is
-My Falcon

side note: I guess I should only do a certain amount every Friday, let's say 20. That's not too much is it?

-When Jus leaves me the comics to read (yes, I am an adult)

Should be numbering these or bulleting them?

7. Ice tea!
8. Tattoos!
9. All things crafts (though I may eventually break this down to individual things.. for another time)
10. When Justin kisses me goodnight. "Good night sweetheart..." "Goodnight baby."
11. The Office. (We are currently watching all the seasons again!)
12. Getting an interview and then getting a call offering me the job the same day! (okay, that's actually a really big thing, but they just called me and I'm so excited!)
13. Sticking my hand out the window of the car
14. Netflix/netflixing (the act of watching an entire season of a show in one sitting, also a totally valid excuse for avoiding social obligations. Buy it on a tshirt here, I know I need to)
15. Photoshoots
16. Fake eyelashes
17. Mismatched socks
18. Wallets
19. Jewelry
and 20. A freshly made bed, perfect for napping!

What's on your list??

Have a great three day weekend everyone! I know I will!

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