Friday, August 23, 2013

Chore Time!

And thinking about:

-tattoos! I think I’m getting another one later this evening! Woo! Post on that one later!
-wanting to take a new self picture (see also: selfie)
-how I wrote today's to do list in extremely sloppy writing
{which brings me to:      
          -how it’s driving me nuts
          -how looking at it stresses me out
          -and how I just need to rewrite it (for the umpteenth time)}
-my identity as blogger
      -I think just pretty much all things: crafts, life, photography…?
-being away from Justin too long makes me irritable and pretty stupid emotional
-how almost every movie/book/person portrays marriage/relationships as fighting is normal

*NEWS FLASH* It’s not normal, nor is it even the slightest bit healthy.

-how I can’t wait to honestly get back to work!
-working with special needs kids is fun and rewarding! Can’t wait for this school year’s funny stories!
-future blog topics (I think all the aforementioned things I will probably divulge more into at later times)

Gotta start making some dinner now!

Later gator!

Now that I'm thinking about it, dinner can wait. Nap first!

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