Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Birthday Presents and Tattoos

So my birthday isn't until September 11th and my husband has already given me my birthday presents! This always happens. He makes things and gets super excited about them and can't keep his stinkin' mouth shut. It's really the funniest thing!

He actually gave me my first birthday present a few months ago! He saw this old 1940s sewing machine on eBay and was going to get it for me for my birthday. Since it was on eBay  he couldn't pass up buying it. So he bought it and because he was so excited about it, he told me and then gave to me when it came in the mail! Oh, but I'm definitely NOT complaining. It gave me something to do this summer and helped inspire the making of this blog! And not to mention, I have a husband who's always thinking about me and doesn't wait until the last minute to buy me something. He makes things for me!

Like this!
He gave me this one last week I think..? And it's absolutely perfect! It seriously makes me heart smile <:)3 <-----that's my heart smiling, in case you didn't know. Hahha. 

This wall piece is extra special because it's lyrics from one of his songs for me! (Give I'm Wrong, You're Right a listen to! And check out his other stuff here.) But also because he made it with his hands. He didn't buy it for me, he made it. And I have to say, it sure makes our home just that much sweeter!
He also gave/made me these things.

Keep Calm and Craft on tin case and inside penny charm bracelet that he also made! Each penny has the year 2012 on it for the year we were married. And then also, a couple silver tags for some of the crafts I've been making, as well as a few small belt buckles and a Michaels gift card. My husband sure must love me or something! And boy, I sure do love him!

But enough bragging about what I got for me birthday! Here's my latest tattoo!
After a long first day back to work, I was taking a nap and Jus wakes me up because he wants to tattoo! Assuring me it would be cute, I went ahead and skipped the rest of my nap and got this cute lil swallow instead! I just love this little guy so much! He's currently my favorite! Mostly because I can see him, but also because it's my newest tattoo. That always happens! The newest is always the favorite! For some more of his latest work, check him out here!

He'll probably not like that I've plugged him so much in this blog, but he's great at what he does! And I love him and I'm proud of him and aaand, is that so wrong?!


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