Thursday, September 11, 2014

Happy 25th To Me!

And its been a good one! Well, other than my student trying to start a food fight in the lunch room and yelling "p*nis" in the hallway! What a silly day!

Though I may have not completed my 25 Before 25 list (update here), I've come to realize that (and this is really obvious) just writing goals isn't enough, you actually have to make plans to achieve them. Who woulda thought? I've very good at making goals, but the steps to make em happen, not so much. Hahha.

Justin read my blog on "Managing That Little Thing Called Time" and his response was "Your blog made me laugh... because what you 'feel' like doing always overrides your time and priorities.... It'll only work if you're disciplined enough. Lol."

He's totally right though! I told him, "I need discipline!" and so the whole rest of last night, he walked around yelling "priorities!" at me. It helped! In an almost too intense kind of way haha. I did everything I wanted to do (minus the towel laundry) last night! Despite doing everything I wanted to do out of order and trying to watch Sons of Anarchy.

I want to say that I'll do the towel laundry before Justin gets home, but then I'm like, it's my birthday! Do nothing! And then I'm like, it's just another day! Do everything!

Sighh. So I'm currently at home, watching Once Upon A Time while blogging and sitting in the AC doing nothing else. Oh well, more to do tomorrow then. It's my birthday!

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