Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Smelly Working Wife Who Loves Crafts

Yesterday was my first day back at work! Let me tell you, summer off is great! But only for awhile... I had a complete month off, that's a long time!

This is what it looks like each week:

Week One: Woooo! Vacation! (relaxing, drinking tea, enjoying summer)
Week Two: I'm going to get so much done! (and to some extent, actually do)
Week Three: I'm just going to craft all my time away!
Week Four: I miss work. I've done everything there is to do. (this starts the two weeks of straight up laaaaaazy)
Week Five: I never want to go back to work again! (at this point, it's just netflixing all day long.)
To which this would have been the most appropriate thing for me to wear during the last couple weeks of summer. Too bad I didn't find it until yesterday! Wish I would have known sooner, someone buy it for me for next summer? Or even better, winter break! I'll even provide the link!

I never thought I'd say that I thought summer break was too long. Hahaha. Oh man. That's really sad.

After my incredibly long first day of work (going from netflixing to 7 hours of work), I was pretty smelly. Justin even said so... Jerk. It's not like I didn't know! I just really didn't feel like taking a shower. It required more effort than I wanted to put into anything at that point.

I had just enough energy to post this on facebook "When you really NEED to take a shower, but you don't want to" and I got an overwhelming amount of people (mostly women) saying they knew exactly how I felt! It was the funniest thing! 

You guys ever get like that? Where you are too lazy to take a shower and when you finally do, you don't wash your hair and only shave your ankles?? That's totally what I did yesterday.

Oh! And I totally forgot to blog about this! Oh well, just gonna give it a quick note... Look how cute it is!!!

Jus needed a microphone case, so I made him one! Should have kept it for myself. Isn't it adorable?! Took me only like ten minutes to make. I'm getting pretty good and quick too!

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  1. Oh, I hear you about the laziness of the last weeks of vacation!

    Also, I nominated you for a Liebster award, a fun award passed around by bloggers for blogs with under 200 followers.