Sunday, September 29, 2013

Back On Track!

So I shortly got off track with one of my 25 Before 25 things. As a lot of you know, on my list of things to do/goals before I turn 25, one of the things I want to do is:

15. Put on fake eyelashes everyday. I love fake eyelashes and they'll make me do the rest of my makeup.

Well that becomes hard when you lose both of your eyelash glue tubes! And rather than just going and buying some more glue, I just complained everyday that I lost them.

I bring good news! I finally bought some! I actually bought something different this time. The stuff I used before was great and all, but I felt lacked something. This time I bought Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive. Oh. My. Gosh. (All the stuff I'm about to say are my opinions and in my own words, Revlon is not paying me in any sort of way -- I wish!) This stuff is amazing! It's long lasting, waterproof, clear and has an awesome little brush to put it on the eyelashes. And the plus side, sometimes I don't always put enough glue on my eyelashes, especially on the the inside of my and its a pain in the butt to fix it with a tube! But with the handy brush, it makes that no problem at all! I know a lot of you are thinking, well maybe if you glued them better... Well I say to you, be quiet! 

Anyways, on another note... I'm getting more tattoos today! And that totally relates because that is also on my 25 Before 25 list!

12. Get my arm finished with room left over for two apples to placed under the tree one once we have kids ("the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" Get it? Because I have a tree tattoo on my arm, eh eh?)

I'm only getting the outlines today and then filled in later. I think I'm getting 4 today? Maybe? I'm really excited!! They are so cute! Oh, and two of which will be on my right arm. I know I wanted my left arm finished first, but one is a forearm piece and the other is just so stinkin' cute that it needs to be in a place that I can see it all the time! Because the only place on my left arm that still has room is pretty much under my arm. Oh! And I have a few others lined up as well. But we'll talk about those later.

I'll definitely post a blog later this week on  my tattoos once they get filled in! You're gonna be jealous! Not going to lie... I have the cutest tattooed arm, like, ever. #whenyourhusbandisatattooartist

Have a great Sunday all!

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