Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me/25 Before 25

After reading my friend Megan's post, 25 x 25 and with my 24th birthday being today (yeah yeah, happy birthday to me), how appropriate and fun to make a list of my own!

I have but only a couple rules for this. For each thing that I complete, a picture must have been taken and blog entry must be published about said completed item BEFORE it can be crossed off the list. Okay, so maybe that's only one and a half rules... 

Here it goes!
1. Start a blog (I'm with Megan on this one, 25 posts seems like the perfect amount to say "I've started a blog"). 
2. Sell something I've made on Etsy
21/2. Make an Etsy shop
3. Make a quilt
4. Eat the top of wedding cake for our 1 year anniversary!
5. Bake a polka dot cake for any/no reason
6. Take a roadtrip with my husband
61/2. Camp somewhere I've never been while on the aforementioned roadtrip
7. Get my car painted, because let's face it, this just isn't gonna cut it for much longer
8. Make another video like this one
9. Watch the sunrise
10. Get outta debt
11. Take a balloon ride at the Great Park Balloon
12. Get my arm finished with room left over for two apples to placed under the tree one once we have kids ("the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" Get it? Because I have a tree tattoo on my arm, eh eh?)
13. Pen pals with Marie (consists of at least ten letters from each of us)
14. Book at least one photoshoot a month with my business Golly Gee Photography. Starting this month. (go like on facebook here!)
15. Put on fake eyelashes everyday. I love fake eyelashes and they'll make me do the rest of my makeup lol.
151/2. No more  stretchy headbands that my husband absolutely hates. Hahaha.
16. Read the New Testament (again)
17. Read the Old Testament (for the first time)
18. Follow daily/weekly/monthly cleaning schedule
19. 60 day workout
20. This one was actually supposed to be a New Years Resolution... One craft a week every two weeks, bi monthly let's say, (first off, let's be practical and I'll do them on Wednesdays, because with my current work schedule, I have the most time then this doesn't work because I hang out with Kate on Wednesdays. I just have to make time. And I can't say I've been doing them unless I post them on here, Instagram doesn't count.) and no more pinning craft things on Pinterest. Because as you can see, I've got WAY too many things on there, and mostly just because I'd actually like to do those things! So no more pinning crafts. At least until 3/4 of my crafts board is gone. Though I'm still going to allow myself pin Home Decor stuff (see also: Cleaning, Random/Funnies and Food)
21. Maintain a blog... I'm finding this one to be quite hard. Definitely harder than I expected. I'd say at LEAST two solid blog posts a week. I think that can be managed.
22. Take walks at night with Jus. This one is really important. I know we can't do this every night, well, it's just not practical. But I'd like to do this at least twice a week. 
23. Let Sundays be our/my relaxing days. Church, lunch with the in laws aaaaand then just relax away. Our weekends are too busy sometimes.
24. Consistently dye my hair. MAYBE even go get it done at a salon instead of just boxing it. Maybe.

and last but certainly not least (especially because this list is definitely in no particular order)

NUMBER 25. Take a sign language course. Not only does this benefit me at work, but how super cool would that be?!

I was going to add to the list don't wear sports bras so much/to work, but let's be real here. Those things are amazing! So much more comfortable. Sorry Jus! No more headbands and makeup everyday is all you get for now!

Wow. That sounded really bad. Let me be clear here, Justin isn't vain by any means. I just want to look good for my husband. There is nothing wrong with that.

*Moment of truth: I actually wrote this a couple of weeks ago ... My husband came home and asks me what I'm doing -
Me: Making a to do list, well, 25 things to do before I'm 25 kind of list.
Him: You have too much free time on your hands.

And he is so right! Ya see I knew this when I started it. I knew that a) it was gonna take me a long time to do b) more time than I wanted to put into it because come on, it's my birthday! and c) I'm a working woman again now, so why not use up all the free time that I had to prepare this blog for my birthday??

I'm awesome.

So what's on your to do list? Let me know! I would love to hear what you all come up with!

Keep checking back to see what I'm crossing off mine!

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  1. Love your take on the list! Looking forward to seeing you cross things off :-)