Friday, September 27, 2013

The Little Things

What a long week! It shouldn't seem like it because I was out sick two of the five work days, but those days are exhausting too! I am so tired! It's not even the fact that I got spit in the face like three times today or that I've been on my feet pretty much all day/all week/three days this week or that I forgot I was supposed to be at work early today and had what I'm pretty sure was a heart attack (I was subbing at a new site today because my student was out and luckily I left early to account for traffic because at 750 this morning I realized that I was supposed to be at work at 8am. Praise God I made it on time. Like, exactly on time!), I think it's just because I'm still getting over being sick? Or still adjusting to the new work schedule? I don't know. But all I wanna do is sleep! And I'm supposed to be taking a nap right now and I can't. I have been waiting ALL day to take a nap and my eyes and body are tired, but I can't sleep! What kind of cruel punishment is this?! Ahhh!

So anyways! I still don't think that I'm convinced that numbering these lists is the right thing to do. Maybe I should just go back to listing them. Well, I'll try that for today, lemme know what you think!

It's the little things that matter.

-writing stuff. Nothing in particular, just writing. Not even so much the action of writing, well yes that, but also, I just like they way my writing looks. Is that weird? Too bad.

-Shade on a sunny day. Unfortunately, this makes the list this week because I miss having shade to park under on my breaks to take a nap. Its all sun, all the time. 

- Getting the perfect amount of sleep. Psht. This never happens. It has maybe once. And it was so long ago, I can barely remember how good it felt. And I want it back.

-Getting packages in the mail. Stupid Justin always gets them! I don't even care if its just tubes for his tattoo stuff! I never get them. And I want to get them more. Send me something! Please!

- Nail polish. I love painting my nails. And my nail polish collection just keeps getting bigger and bigger. That's actually something that I never cared about until like a year ago. And now I paint my nails once or twice a week oooor if they get a chip in them.

- Cloudy days, especially after its been hot. 

- For those of you who actually know me... You'd probably never think you'd hear this one - cuddling with my kitten Amelia. Okay, she's not a kitten anymore really, but she still acts like one and she's just so sweet and looks all cute and I just love her (and Marilyn too), but let me be clear, that's the extent of my cat liking. I only like my own cats. #andthatswhatthecrazycatladysaid #shehad50cats

- Staying hydrated with the H 2 0. That's really all I drink. That and iced tea. And pink lemonade (which Justin thinks doesn't taste any different than regular lemonade, which I completely disagree. I'm going to do a blind fold test with him and prove that there's a difference!) Oh, and I'm hooked on starbucks' passion tea with lemonade. M'mm! And no sweetener, okay thanks. Ya know, if ya ever wanna buy me one!

And mostly right now, 
- Friday evenings because ya know, that's when the weekend starts! Hahha.

So what's on your list for this week?!
Take care ya'll! Hahaha oh gosh. Not gonna say that again...

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