Friday, September 6, 2013

The Little Things

I'm only a day late on this post... Sorry guys! It's been a long week as it was my first day back in a month! I got home from work and really wanted to write some posts, but I was just so exhausted all week long!

Okay, so last week I left off on #20, so I think I'm going to continue from there, sounds good, yeah?

21. Windows that roll down, all the way... and don't have a problem rolling back up. This may be a funny one, but I used to not have this luxury. In my old car, the front passenger side window was broken so we made it so it couldn't roll down, and then the driver side wouldn't stay up. So yaay for working windows in the Falcon!

22. Seeing my husband after a long day of not seeing him. 

23. A hot shower, I tend to take this one for granted sometimes.

24. My husband in the kitchen (doing art) and I on the couch (blogging). Both doing our own thing, but still close enough where I can (non-creepily/creepily) glance over at him and think about how lucky I am.

25. A drive down PCH (though that's not so little)

26. A sharp pair of scissors

27. Learning a new skill

28. Instagram, is that lame? Psht. Whatever.

29. Or even better, the usernames that people use for instagram. Seriously people?? We're grown ups. (@derelict_rebel) C'mon, let's use our real names hahaha.

30. Watching Marilyn clean her face with her paw, that is just the stinkin' cutest thing hahha.

What do you consider a little thing that matters? Is it a moment? Is it literally little? Something that you just take for granted? All of the above? Or just something that seems insignificant, but makes you happy, even if only for a moment....

Only ten for today! Maybe more next week!

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  1. That moment when you wake up and walk out of your room and no one is home so you can blast your music and dance around like a fool while you get ready for your day <3