Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend Getaway

 As a lot of you may know, this Friday we  headed out for the beautiful Julian, Ca. Just to get away for a night/day. We both have been working really hard and lot lately, so it was a nice weekend just for the two of us to spend some time together, relax and reconnect. And what a better way than a small town at 4200 feet!

Since Julian is a small town, we figured everything would be closed for dinner before we got there (because we left in the evening) so we stopped in Ramona for something to eat. We tried our luck at a place called Amerient (it was the only place that looked open still). Its and american and oriental place... it wasn't that great. Kinda actually not that good. Everything tasted the same. Well, the american food did anyways. Hahaha.

We got into Julian at a quarter to ten at a cute bed & breakfast. Our room was super tiny! But cozy nonetheless.  Saturday we spent the the morning checking out all the antique, trinket and crafter stores. Okay, that made it sound like there was a lot of them. I assure you, there was not. Hahaha. Justin bought a corncob pipe (literally) and I bought a cast iron mouse. There was a llama being walked by a young girl, a "ton" of people for some music festival, a little boy selling lemonade for 75 cents, the smell of apples literally everywhere, everyone was friendly, some hipsters showed up (that was a bummer), warm weather with a cool breeze, and the company of my handsome husband.

Then, after lunch, the real fun started! Not really. We were supposed to go to the California Wolf Center just outside Julian where you get to learn about wolves and then see them! How cool is that! Unfortunately, we didn't get that far. Actually, we were REALLY close, but didn't get to make it there. 

Ya see, when I called on the phone to ask for the directions, the lady said make a left at kcjfgvaufng and I was like cool thanks! Honestly, I didn't know exactly what she said, but it sounded like kcjfgvaufng. How could I miss that street?! Well folks, I did. I was looking for a street that looked like what she said, aaaaaaaaaand we passed it. Totally my fault. (It was a nice detour though!) 

Realizing we probably passed it, I looked up the place and found that the street we were looking for was called K Q Ranch.  If you say K Q fast enough, it sounds like kcjfgvaufng (autocorrect wants to change this to Kanchenjunga, which I learned is a place in the Himalayas, and not what I'm talking about lolol) . Try it. Well, not exactly, but you get what I mean right?! Oh well. We find the street and we drive up it and then the truck shuts off. Umm okay, he restarts it and things are fine. Psych. It shuts off again. So not only is my husband upset that I made us miss our street and caused us to be late, but now the truck is like eff this. 

Long story short... Jus rolls the truck back down the hill to the main road, there was an hour fight with AAA on how to get us back home (we lost, they were jerks). Then the tow truck driver showed up earlier than expected and was really super nice and then a two hour and something/120 mile ride home in the tow truck.

I'd say it was all bittersweet. On the plus side, neither of us had to drive home. So I guess there's always a silver lining right? Hahha. 

I still had a lot of fun though! Even with the sucky parts. Honestly, for me, the only "sucky" part was still the Amerient restaurant. And even with the truck breaking down, at least I was with Justin. And though AAA were some poop heads, we made it home safely and I still had time to make some chicken and pasta and watch Emperor's New Groove with Jus.

Any crazy happenings this weekend for you guys??

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  1. Didn't care for the hipsters eh? Do they work for the AAA?